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Delicious Natural Grass Fed Beef

Old fashioned, natural farmingFull of flavour, tender, and healthy is how we describe our beef.

We raise our animals the old fashioned way - free range, and raised without the use of added antibiotics, hormones, and drugs. We can trace every animal on our farm from start to finish to ensure healthy, fresh, safe, natural beef. This is a little more work for us, but the taste and tenderness are worth it, and you have the assurance of a safe product.

Send us an email if you have any questions about our farm, our cattle, or want more information about ordering Heritage grass fed beef.

   · Locally Grown Beef

   · Natural 100% Vegetarian Diet

   · Raised without the use of added antibiotics, hormones, and drugs

   · Dry-Aged

Heritage Cattle Company

Heritage Cattle Company logoAaron, Ben and George MacDonald are the owners of Heritage Cattle Company, a local family farm operating in the county of Peterborough, Ontario.

We have a passion for good farming practices because we believe in quality of product and quality of life. Our reputation is on the line, so we not only eat what we sell, but ensure that the same quality beef we want to eat is the same quality beef that we sell. Grass fed beef requires lots of good pasture, fences, and dedicated farmers; this is what we do best.

Our farm has the advantage of being far from big cities, and that means our cattle graze on clean, unpolluted, natural wild grasses. Which of course means the beef that ends up on your dinner table is natural and healthy as well.

Our cattle on the farm Our grass fed beef

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